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F122: Posterior Chamber Phakic IOL: The Right Way Up
F124: Pterygium Surgery-Pride and Humility
F125: Chopping and Phacoemulsification: Easier, Safer, and Less Tiresome
F126: Ocular Allergy: A New Sign to Help Find Hidden Forme Fruste Keratoconus
F128: Let There Be Wavefront IV: Retinal Image Quality
F129: Management of Capsule Rupture During Cataract Surgery
F130: What You See Is What You Get: Understanding Diffraction With IOLs
F133: Backward Flow of Contaminated OVD Into Cartridge During IOL Insertion Using Injector
F134: Detection of Intraocular Foreign Bodies and Removal Surgery Using a Super-Wide-Angle Fundus Camera
F136: Anterior Capsule Contraction Syndrome After Cataract Phacoemulsification Surgery
F139: Phaco Fluidics Logics
F140: Temperature in Corneal Endothelium During Phacoemulsification
F141: BC Flushing